2009 International Conferences on
Active Media Technology (AMT 2009)
Brain Informatics(BI 2009)

October 22-24, 2009
Beijing, China
  Active Media Technology
Homepage: http://www.wici-lab.org/amtbi09/amtbi.php?conf=amt
Mirror page: http://www.iwici.org/amtbi09/amt_html/index.html
    Brain Informatics
Homepage: http://www.wici-lab.org/amtbi09/amtbi.php?conf=bi
Mirror page: http://www.iwici.org/amtbi09/bi_html/index.html

Co-organized by
Co-sponsored by
Beijing University of Technology (BJUT)
Beijing Municipal Lab of Brain Informatics
Chinese Society of Radiology
National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, PRC
Shanghai Psytech Electronic Technology Co. Ltd
Shenzhen Hanix United, Inc. Beijing Branch
Beijing JinShangQi Net System Integration Co. Ltd
Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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