WI-IAT 2010

The 2010 International Conferences on Web Intelligence (WI 2010) and the 2010 International Conference on Inteligent Agent Technology (IAT 2010) will be co-located on August 31 - September 3, 2010, at York University, Toronto, Canada.

AMT-BI 2010

2010 International Conferences on Active Media Technology (AMT 2010) and Brain Informatics(BI 2010) will be co-located on August 28-30, Toronto, Canada.

DBLP-SSE: A DBLP Search Support Engine

DBLP-SSE is a literature search support engine based on DBLP. It provides personalized search services for computer scientists who have publications recorded in DBLP by analysing user interests from various perspectives.

WICI wiki system

For more updated information about International WIC Institute, please visit WICI wiki system.

WICI's News on the LarKC Project

The LarKC project is in the 7th framework project that is funded by European Union, with 11 Countries involved. WICI is one of the two groups outside Europe and is the only group from China.

The 2010 China Web Intelligence Conference

The 2010 China Web Intelligence Conference will be jointly held with the 2010 China Granular Computing Forum and the 2010 China Rough Sets and Soft Computing Conference on August 22nd-23rd, 2009, Hebei Normal University, China.


The International WIC Institute is the official research organization of Web Intelligence Consortium(WIC) in China. WIC is an international and non-profit academic organization which focus on the study of creating an Intelligent Web. The Institute is affiliated with Beijing University of Technology (BJUT).

The main research topics at International WIC Institute is the fundamentals and their implementations on "Web Intelligence(WI) meets Brain Informatics(BI)", which is a big challenge for scientists in the 21st century. We propose that WI provides new, powerful technology support to BI, while BI focuses on principles, models and mechanism of Human Intelligence, all of which will lead to new methodologies, ideas for the development of WI Technology.

The International WIC Institute is an international, open educational research center. We provides Master, Ph.D education on Artifitial Intelligence, and Postdoctoral Fellow position in Beijing University of Technology.

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