WIC Awards

BI Conference Ten-Year Outstanding Contribution Award

Neural Representations of Language Meaning
The 2017 International Conference on Brain Informatics (BI 2017).
Tom Mitchell, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

WI-IAT Conference Ten Years Most Influencial Paper Award

Tracking Information Epidemics in Blogspace
Proceedings of the 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05), pp. 207-214.
Eytan Adar and Lada A. Adamic, University of Michigan, USA

Contribution Awards

2019 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Georg Gottlob, Oxford University, UK

2018 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Yong Shi , Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

2017 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Raj Reddy , Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2016 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Leslie Valiant, Harvard University, USA

2015 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Joseph Sifakis, EPFL, Switzerland

2015 WIC Outstanding Technology Contributions Award:
Francis Heylighen, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

2014 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Tsinghua University, China

2014 WIC Outstanding Technology Contributions Award:
Karl Friston, University College London, UK

2013 WIC Outstanding Research Contributions Award:
John Hopcroft, Cornell University, USA

2013 WIC Outstanding Technology Contributions Award:
Scott E. Fahlman, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2012 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Edward Feigenbaum, Stanford University, USA

2011 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Jeffrey Bradshaw, UWF/Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, USA

2010 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Nick Cercone, York University, Canada

2009 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
John R. Anderson, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

2008 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Hiroshi Motoda, Osaka University, Japan

2007 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck/Digital Enterprise Research Institute, Austria

2006 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Benjamin Wah, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

2005 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Setsuo Ohsuga, University of Tokyo, Japan

2004 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
John McCarthy, Stanford University, USA

2003 WIC Outstanding Contribution Award:
Lotfi A. Zadeh, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Service Awards

2019 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Yannis Manolopoulos, Open University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Payam Bamaghi, University of Surrey, UK
Athena Vakali, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

2018 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Juan D. Velasquez, University of Chile, Chile
Xiaohui Tao, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

2017 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Rainer Unland, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Bjorn Schwarzbach, Leipzig University, Germany

2016 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Hesham Ali, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Deepak Khazanchi, University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

2015 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Ah-Hwee Tan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

2014 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Dominik Slezak, The University of Warsaw, Poland
Marcin Szczuka, The University of Warsaw, Poland

2013 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Vijay Raghavan, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Shinichi Motomura, Maebashi Institute of Technology, Japan

2012 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Zhiguo Gong, University of Macau, Macau, China
Ryan Leong Hou U, University of Macau, Macau, China

2011 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Mohand-Said Hacid, Claude Bernard University, Lyon, France

2010 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Jimmy Huang, York University, Canada

2009 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Gabriella Pasi, University of Milano Bicocca, Italy

2008 WIC Outstanding Service Award:
Longbing Cao, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

2007 WIC Outstanding Service Awards:
Howard Ho, IBM Almaden Research Center, USA
Tsau Young Lin, San José State University/UC Berkeley, USA

2006 WIC Outstanding Service Awards:
Toyoaki Nishida, Kyoto University, Japan

WI-IAT-ICDM'06 Local Organization
(Yiu-ming Cheung, William Kwok-wai Cheung, Xiaowen Chu, Kelvin Chi-kuen Wong, and Jianliang Xu)

2005 WIC Outstanding Service Awards:
Pierre Morizet-Mahoudeaux, University of Technology of Compiegne, France
Andrzej Skowron, Warsaw University, Poland

Conference Awards

WI 2019 Best Paper Award:
Bayesian Deep Learning with Trust and Distrust in Recommendation System
by Dimitrios Rafaillidis

WI 2019 Best Student Paper Award:
Graph-based Knowledge Tracing: Modeling Student Proficiency Using Graph Neural Networ
by Hiromi Nakagawa, Yusuke Iwasawa, and Yutaka Matsuo

WI 2019 Best Demo Award:
Predictive personalization of conversational customer communications with data protection by desig
by Alexandros Deligiannis, Charalampos Argyriou, and Dimitrios Kourtesis

BI 2019 Best Student Paper Award:
Imaging EEG Extended Sources based on Variation Sparsity with L1-norm Residual
by Furong Xu, Ke Liu , Xin Deng, and Guoyin Wang

WI 2018 Best Paper Award:
Distributional Semantics Approach to Detech Intent in Twitter Conversations on Sexual Assaults
by Rahul Pandeym Hemant Purohit, Bonnie Stabile, and Aubrey Grant

WI 2018 Best Student Paper Award:
LASAGNE: Locality And Structure Aware Graph Node Embeddings
by Evgeniy Faerman, Felix Borutta, Kimon Fountoulakis, and Michael W. Mahoney

BI 2018 Best Paper Award:
Estimating Latent Brain Sources with Low-Rank Representation and Graph Regularization
by Feng Liu, Shouyi Wang, Jing Qin, Yifei Lou, and Jay Rosenberger

BI 2018 Best Student Paper Award:
Automatic Recognition of Resting State fMRI Networks with Dictionary Learning
by Debadatta Dash, Bharat Biswal, Anil Kumar Sao, and Jun Wang

WI 2017 Best Paper Award:
Topical Term Weighting based on Extended Random Sets for Relevance Feature Selection
by Abdullah Alharbi, Yuefeng Li, and Yue Xu

WI 2017 Best Student Paper Award:
Preference-driven Similarity Join
by Chuancong Gao, Jiannan Wang, Jian Pei, Rui Li, and Yi Chang

An Evaluation of Models for Runtime Approximation in Link Discovery
by Kleanthi Georgala, Michael Hoffmann, and Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo

BI 2017 Best Paper Award:
Group Guided Sparse Group Lasso Multi-Task Learning for Cognitive Performance Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease
by Xiaoli Liu, Peng Cao, Jinzhu Yang, Dazhe Zhao, and Osmar Zaiane

WI 2016 Best Paper Award:
A Social Curiosity Inspired Recommendation Model to Improve Precision, Coverage and Diversity
by Qiong Wu, Siyuan Liu, Chunyan Miao, Yuan Liu, and Cyril Leung

WI 2016 Best Student Paper Award:
Inferring Your Expertise from Twitter: Integrating Sentiment and Topic Relatedness
by Yu Xu, Dong Zhou, and Seamus Lawless

BIH 2016 Best Paper Award:
Clique Identication and Propagation for Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation
by Sidong Liu, Yang Song, Fan Zhang, Dagan Feng, Michael Fulham, and Weidong Cai

BIH 2016 Best Student Paper Award:
Thought Chart: Tracking Dynamic EEG Brain Connectivity with Unsupervised Manifold Learning
by Mengqi Xing, Olusola Ajilore, Ouri E. Wolfson, Christopher Abbott, Annmarie MacNamara, Reza Tadayonnejad, Angus Forbes, K. Luan Phan, Heide Klumpp, and Alex Leow

BIH 2015 Best Paper Award:
Classification Accuracy Improvement of Chromatic and High-Frquency Code-modulated Visual Evoked Potential-based BCI
by Daiki Aminaka, Shoji Makino, and Tomasz Rutkowski

WI 2014 Best Paper Award:
GeoECHO: Inferring User Interests from Geotag Reports in Network Traffic
by Ning Xia, Stanislav Miskovic, Mario Baldi, Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, and Antonio Nucci

IAT 2014 Best Paper Award:
Testing Carlo Cipolla's Laws of Human Stupidity with Agent-Based Modeling
by Andrea G.B. Tettamanzi and Celia da Costa Pereira

WI-IAT 2014 Best Student Paper Award:
Using Extended Random Set to Find Specific Patterns
by Mubarak Albathan, Yuefeng Li, and Yue Xu

AMT 2014 Best Paper Award:
Mining False Information on Twitter for a Major Disaster Situation
by Keita Nabeshima, Junta Mizuno, Naoaki Okazaki, and Kentaro Inui

BIH 2014 Best Paper Award:
Shift of Brain-State during Recovery from Discomfort Induced by Aversive Pictures
by Yang Yang, Emi Tosaka, Xiaojing Yang, Kazuyuki Imamura, Xiuya Lei, Gang Wang, Bin Hu, Shengfu Lu, and Ning Zhong

AMT-BIH 2014 Best Student Paper Award:
P3 Component Detection using HHT: Improvement of EMD with Additional Stopping Criteria
by Tomas Prokop, and Roman Moucek

WI 2013 Best Paper Award:
An Analytical Model for the Propagation of Social Influence
by Xiaoguang Fan, Guolin Niu, and Victor O.K. Li

WI 2013 Best Student Paper Award:
Incorporating Structural Diversity of Neighbors in a Diffusion Model for Social Networks
by Qing Bao

IAT 2013 Best Paper Award:
Predicting the Performance of Opponent Models in Automated Negotiation
by Tim Baarslag, Mark Hendrikx, Koen Hindriks, and Catholijn Jonker

IAT 2013 Best Student Paper Award:
Agent-based Small-scale Energy Consumer Models for Energy Portfolio Management
by Antonios Chrysopoulos

AMT 2013 Best Paper Award:
Lexical-Syntactical Patterns for Subjectivity Analysis of Social Issues
by Mostafa Karamibekr and Ali A. Ghorbani

BHI 2013 Best Paper Award:
Combining Two Visual Cognition Systems Using Confidence Radius and Combinatorial Fusion
by Amy Batallones, Kilby Sanchez, Brian Mott, Cameron McMunn-Coffran, and D. Frank Hsu

BHI 2013 Best Student Paper Award:
An Approximation Approach to Measurement Design in the Reconstruction of Functional MRI Sequences
by Shulin Yan, Lei Nie, Chao Wu, and Yike Guo

WI 2012 Best Paper Award:
Extracting Web News Using Tag Path Patterns
by Gongqing Wu and Xindong Wu

IAT 2012 Best Paper Award:
Improving Asynchronous Partial Overlay
by Roger Mailler

AMT 2012 Best Paper Award:
Extraction of Human Social Behavior from Mobile Phone Sensing
by Minshu Li, Haipeng Wang, Bin Guo, and Zhiwen Yu

BI 2012 Best Paper Award:
Decoding of EEG Activity from Object Views: Active Detection vs. Passive Visual Tasks
by Sudhir Sasane and Lars Schwabe

BI 2012 Runner-Up Award:
Estimation of Visual Feedback Contributions to Limb Stiffness in Visuomotor Control
by Yuki Ueyama and Eizo Miyashita

ISMIS 2012 Best Paper Award:
An Anti-tampering Algorithm Based on an Artificial Intelligence Approach
by Andrea Moio, Attilio Giordana, and Dino Mendola

ISMIS 2012 Runner-Up Award:
The Problem of Finding the Sparsest Bayesian Network for an Input Data Set is NP-Hard
by Pawel Betlinski and Dominik Slezak

WI 2011 Best Paper Award:
Diversifying Product Review Rankings: Getting the Full Picture
by Ralf Krestel and Nima Dokoohaki

IAT 2011 Best Paper Award:
Influence of Personality Traits on the Rational Process of Cognitive Agents
by FranC'ois Bouchet and Jean-Paul Sansonnet

WI 2010 Best Paper Award:
Niche Product Retrieval in Top-N Recommendation
by Mi Zhang and Neil Hurley

WI 2010 Best Student Paper Award:
The Effects of Query Bursts on Web Search
by Ilija Subasic and Carlos Castillo

IAT 2010 Best Paper Award:
DLB-SDPOP: A Multiagent Pseudo-tree Repair Algorithm for Load Balancing in WLANs
by Shanjun Cheng, Anita Raja, Jiang (Linda) Xie and Ivan Howitt

IAT 2010 Best Student Paper Award:
Collaborative Learning of Ontology Fragments by Co-operating Agents
by Heather S. Packer, Nick Gibbins, and Nicholas R. Jennings

WI 2009 Best Paper Award:
From "Dango" to "Japanese Cakes": Query Reformulation Models and Patterns
by Paolo Boldi, Francesco Bonchi, Carlos Castillo, and Sebastiano Vigna

WI 2009 Best Student Paper Award:
All You Can "Eat" Ontology-Building: Feeding Wikipedia to Cyc
by Samuel Sarjant, Catherine Legg, Michael Robinson, and Olena Medelyan

IAT 2009 Best Paper Award:
Attention Manipulation for Naval Tactical Picture Compilation
by Tibor Bosse, Rianne van Lambalgen, Peter-Paul van Maanen, and Jan Treur

IAT 2009 Best Student Paper Award:
Extending Algorithms for Mobile Robot Patrolling in the Presence of Adversaries to More Realistic Settings
by Nicola Basilico, Nicola Gatti, Thomas Rossi, Sofia Ceppi, and Francesco Amigoni

WI 2008 Best Paper Award:
DL Reasoning and AI Planning for Web Service Composition
by Freddy Lecue, Alain Leger, and Alexandre Delteil

IAT 2008 BestPaper Award:
Beyond Quasi-linear Utility: Strategy/False-name-proof Multi-unit Auction Protocols
by Yuko Sakurai, Yasumasa Saito, Atsushi Iwasaki and Makoto Yokoo

WI 2007 Best Paper Award:
Geographically-Sensitive Link Analysis
by Hyun Chul Lee, Haifeng Liu, and Renee J. Miller

IAT 2007 Best Paper Award:
Revisiting ADOPT-ng and its Feedback Schemes
by Marius Silaghi and Makoto Yokoo

WI-IAT 2006 Best Paper Awards:
Plans as Products of Learning
by GSamin Karim, Budhitama Subagdja, and Liz Sonenberg

A Fine-Grained Approach to Resolving Unsatisfiable Ontologies
by Sik Chun Lam, Jeff Z. Pan, Derek Sleeman, and Wamberto Vasconcelos

WI 2005 Best Paper Award:
A Method of Web Search Result Clustering Based on Rough Sets
by Ngo Chi Lang and Nguyen Hung Son

IAT 2005 Best Paper Award:
Analyzing Myopic Approaches for Multi-Agent Communication
by Raphen Becker, Victor Lesser, and Shlomo Zilberstein

WI 2005 Best Student Paper Award:
Social Computing and Weighting to Identify Member Roles in Online Communities
by Robert Nolker and Lina Zhou

WI/IAT 2005 Best Demo Award:
A-globe: Multi-Agent Platform with Advanced Simulation and Visualization Support
by David Sislak, Martin Rehak, and Michal Pechoucek

WI/IAT 2004 Best Application Paper Award:
An Online Recommender System for LargeWeb Sites
by Ranieri Baraglia and Fabrizio Silvestri

WI/IAT 2004 Best Student Paper Award:
Improving Modeling of Other Agents using Tentative Stereotypes and Compactification of Observations
by Jorg Denzinger and Jasmine Hamdan

WI/IAT 2004 Best Demo Award:
SimMarket - Agent-based Supermarket Simulation
by Bjorn P. Stahmer and Arndt Schwaiger

WI/IAT 2003 Best Paper Awards:
Dynamic Stochastic Capacity Pricing for Resource Allocation
by Alain G. Njimolu Anyouzoa, Theo D'Hondt, D.C. Akoa, and Mamour Ba

Exploiting a Search Engine to Develop More Flexible Web Agents
by Shou-de Lin and Craig A. Knoblock

WI/IAT 2001 Best Paper Awards:
An Intelligent Channel Allocation Scheme for Mobile Networks: An Application of Agent Technology
by Eliane J. Bodanese and Laurie G. Guthbert

Collecting, Visualizing, and Exchanging Personal Interests and Experiences in Communities
by Yasuyuki Sumi and Kenji Mase

WI/IAT 2001 Best Demo Award:
InfoPipes: A Flexible Framework for M-Commerce Applications
by Robert Baumgartner, Sergio Flesca, Georg Gottlob, Marcus Herzog, and Alois Waser

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