Workshops / Special Sessions

As an important part of the conference, the workshop/special session program will focus on new research challenges and initiatives. The workshops may have special invited sessions organized by prominent researchers. Accepted abstract submissions will be included in the conference program and will be published as a single, collective proceedings volume.

Similar to the main conference, there are 2 types of paper submissions that are possible:

  • Type 1: Full Paper (Regular and Short) Submissions. Full papers should be limited to (9 to 12 pages) for the regular papers in LNCS format. All full-length papers accepted will be published by Springer as a volume of the series of LNCS/LNAI.
  • Type 2: Abstract Submissions. Abstracts have a word limit of 1500 words. Experimental research is particularly welcome.

Submission of Workshop/Special Session Papers and Abstracts: Click Here

Accepted Workshops

Click on the workshop/special session title to get the call for paper and flyer about them.


  • Brain Informatics 2024 Workshop on Web Intelligence meets Brain Informatics
  • Organizers:

    • Jianhui Chen, Beijing University of Technology, China
    • Jiajin Huang, Beijing University of Technology, China


  • The International Workshop on Generative AI Empowers Brain Signal Processing (GAIEBSP 2024)
  • Organizers:

    • Shuqiang Wang, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
    • Sadia Shakil, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  • The International Workshop on Multiscale Modeling of Brain Networks (MMBN 2024)
  • Organizers:

    • Yuan Wang, University of South Carolina, USA
    • Tananum Songdechakraiwut, Duke University, USA
    • Won Hwa Kim, POSTECH, South Korea


  • The 6th International Workshop on Cognitive Neuroscience of Thinking and Reasoning
  • Organizers:

    • Peipeng Liang, Capital Normal University, China
    • Vinod Goel, York University, Canada


  • The 5th International Workshop on Computational Neuroaesthetics
  • Organizer:

    • Junsong Zhang, Xiamen University, China


  • The 4th Workshop on Environmental Adaptation and Mental Health (EAMH)
  • Organizer:

    • Yang Yang, Beijing Forestry University, China


  • The International Workshop on Application of Artificial Intelligence and Innovative Technologies in Brain Informatics and Health (AAIITBIH 2024)
  • Organizer:

    • Zhijiang Wan, Nanchang University, China


  • The 8th International Workshop on Computationally Intelligent Methods in Processing and Analysis of Neuronal Big Data
  • Organizers:

    • Mufti Mahmud, Nottingham Trent University, UK
    • Tanu Wadhera, Indian Institute of Information Technology Una, India
    • M Shamim Kaiser, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh


  • The International Workshop on Multimodal Computational Approaches for Brain Biomarkers Discovery
  • Organizers:

    • Hieu Pham, VinUniversity, Vietnam
    • Nguyen The Hoang Anh, VKIST, Vietnam


  • The International Workshop on Reconstruction and Modeling of the Brain at the Single-Cell Level
  • Organizers:

    • Guoqiang Yu, Tsinghua University, China
    • Lijuan Liu, Southeast University, China
    • Weiyao Lin, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    • Yufeng Liu, Southeast University, China


  • The International Workshop on Mesoscopic Brain-wide Connectivity Atlas in Brainsmatics
  • Organizers:

    • Anan Li, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
    • Junjie Zhuo, Hainan University, China
    • Zhao Feng, Hainan University, China

Accepted Special Sessions


  • The 4th Special Session on Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Unveiling the Brain: From the Black-Box to the Glass-Box (XAIB 2024)
  • Organizers:

    • Alessia Sarica, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, Italy
    • Sanjay Ghosh, Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India

  • Contact:
  • Please send proposals to this Email.