Panel Date: 12:00-14:00, December 14, 2019

Brain Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming big science with big data and big innovation potential. Interplaying between Brain Science and AI studies has become a clear trend, introducing many big challenges and big opportunities. The aim of the panel is at promoting interdisciplinary studies, new industrial innovations and global collaborations in Brain Science and AI by discussing key issues, challenging topics, and answering some of the important and intriguing questions, such as:

  • How do Brain Science and AI studies interplay?
  • How does Brain Science inspire AI?
  • How does AI technology support brain studies?
  • What are fundamental issues for the development of a new generation of AI?
  • What are technological advances and challenges for brain and mental health in the connected world?
  • What are brain-machine intelligence advances that need 5G+AI to solve the problems that were once unsolvable in the past? And the related challenges?
  • What are new industrial innovations and emerging, demanding products and services for the future of medicine, brain and mental health, and well-being?
  • The panel provides a great opportunity for researchers and practitioners from multidisciplinary fields to participate in cutting-edge discussions.