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WIC Introduction
Web Intelligence (WI) is artificial intelligence in the connected world, utilizing the power of human brains and man-made networks to create a better world and intelligent societies. This field encompasses a variety of disciplines that explore the impact of artificial intelligence on various aspects of the web, including the Web of People, the Web of Data, the Web of Things, the Web of Trust, the Web of Agents, the Web in industry, society, health, and smart living, and the Web of Everything. To achieve its goals, Web Intelligence employs cutting-edge technologies such as data mining, machine learning, knowledge graph, intelligent agents, and natural language processing to analyze web data and create intelligent tools and services that offer personalized and valuable insights to users. Current Web Intelligence research and applications include AIGC internet content production, pre-trained language models, deep learning, conversational retrieval, digital twins, Web3 and the metaverse, brain-inspired computing, and brain-machine intelligence. As a rapidly evolving field, Web Intelligence holds significant promise for enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and user experience of web-based systems, applications, and services. As the web continues to evolve and interconnect, the role of Web Intelligence in shaping its future is set to become increasingly significant.

The Web Intelligence Consortium (WIC) (http://wi-consortium.org/) is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing scientific research and industrial development in the field of Web Intelligence. WIC promotes collaborations among global WI research centers and organizational members, showcases technology at WI related conferences and workshops, and publishes official books, journals, newsletters, industrial solutions, and standards.

The major activities of WIC include:

Organizing international and regional Web intelligence related conferences/workshops.

  • [Upcoming Conference]
    • The 23rd IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology (WI-IAT 2024), December 9-12, 2024, Bangkok, Thailand.
    • The 17th International Conference on Brain Informatics (BI 2024), December 13-15, 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

Publishing Web intelligence related journal, books, and newsletter.

Establishing and supporting world-wide WIC Research Centers.


  • WIC research centers and their research advances will be promoted on the official website of WIC and WIC e-newsletter (Trends in Web Intelligence).
  • WIC will offer free or discount registration fee for the representative of the WIC research centers for attending the IEEE/WIC organized conferences/workshops.
  • WIC research centers will be selected and invited to give WIC feature talk on IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology.
  • Exchange program will be established to create a bridge for different WIC research centers.
  • Joint research program on Web Intelligence.


  • The potential WIC research centers world wide are responsible for creating a Web Intelligence Lab in their universities, institutions, or companies.
  • The directors of different WIC research centers need to give an anual report of their WIC centers on WIC centers working workshop from the perspectives of members, involved projects, research results and agenda for the future research in their centers. The workshop is co-located with IEEE/WIC International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology every year.
  • WIC research centers need to report their research results and share their thougts on Web Intelligence with other centers in the form of Blog entry, twitter, and monthly report.

Current WIC research centers world wide include:

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