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Paper ID Title
A201 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Identity-based Spatial Change
Shengsheng Wang, Fangming Gu, and Dayou Liu
A203 A Multi-type Indexing CBVR System Constructed with MPEG-7 Visual Features
Yin-Fu Huang and He-Wen Chen
A206 Why Do People Share News in Social Media?
Chei Sian Lee, Long Ma, and Dion Hoe-Lian Goh
A207 A Context-aware Recommender System for M-commerce Applications
Jiazao Lin, Xining Li, Yi Yang, Li Liu, Wenqiang Guo, Xin Li, and Lian Li
A209 Programming Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems Based on Organization Metaphor
Cuiyun Hu, Xinjun Mao, Yuekun Sun, and Huiping Zhou
A211 A Framework for Context-Aware Digital Signage
Ichiro Satoh
A221 Research of Robust Facial Expression Recognition under Facial Occlusion Condition
Bin Jiang and Ke-bin Jia
A222 Ontology Extraction and Integration from Semi-structured Data
Shaobo Wang, Yi Zeng, and Ning Zhong
A223 User Interests Modeling Based on Multi-source Personal Information Fusion and Semantic Reasoning
Yunfei Ma, Yi Zeng, Xu Ren, and Ning Zhong
A225 A Weighted Multi-Factor Algorithm for Microblog Search
Lulin Zhao, Yi Zeng, and Ning Zhong
A227 Visualizing Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) on the Web
Dalia B. Nasr, Hatem M. Bahig, and Sameh S. Daoud
A232 Hot Topic Detection in Professional Blogs
Erzhong Zhou, Ning Zhong, and Yuefeng Li
A233 EMTAN: A Web-Based Multi-Agent System Architecture for Input Automation
Ming-Jui Huang, Cheng-Tao Chuang, Kai-Hsiang Yang, and Cheng-Yuan Liou
A234 A Combination Ranking Model for Research Paper Social Bookmarking Systems
pijitra jomsri, Siripun Sanguansintukul, and Worasit Choochaiwattana
A235 Emotion and Rationality in Web Information: An Eye-tracking Study
Linchan Qin, Ning Zhong, Shengfu Lu, Mi Li, and Yangyang Song
A236 Estimating the density of Brown Plant Hoppers from a light-traps network based on Unit Disk Graph
Viet Xuan Truong, Hiep Xuan Huynh, Minh Ngoc Le, and Alexis Drogoul
A239 A Heuristic Service Composition Algorithm Based on Skyline and Local Selection
jun lu
A241 A Recommendation System for Geospatial Data based on A ective Agents
João C. Xavier-Junior, Alberto Signoretti, Anne M. P. Canuto, Andre M. Campos, Luiz M. G. Gonçalves, and Sergio V. Fialho
A242 A New Planning Algorithm Based on Constraints Propagating
Fei Luo
A245 Modelling the Behaviour of Crowds in Panicked Conditions
Jake Wendt, Guangzhi Qu, and Jianwei Niu
A247 Research on M/G/1 Manual Order Picking Random Service System Efficiency Based on Random Storage Strategy
xing wu
A249 How To Play Well in Non-Zero Sum Games: Some Lessons from Generalized Traveler’s Dilemma
Predrag Tosic and Philip Dasler
A250 An Upgrading Feature-based Opinion Mining Model on Vietnamese Product Reviews
Quang-Thuy Ha, Tien-Thanh Vu, Huyen-Trang Pham, and Cong-To Luu
A251 Improving Socio-technical Systems with Human-aware BDI Agent Architectures
Alexis Morris and Mihaela Ulieru
A253 Key Distribution Protocol for Secure Multicast with Reduced Communication Delay
P VijayaKumar, S Bose, A Kannan, and P.H Himesh
A256 Tags Weighting Based on User Profile
Saida Kichou, Hakima Mellah, Youssef Amghar, and Fouad Dahak
A260 Effectiveness of Video Ontology in Query by Example Approach
Kimiaki Shirahama and Kuniaki Uehara
A262 Constructing the Internet Behavior Ontology: Projection from Psychological Phenomena with Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Qi Zhang, Zhuohong Zhu, Tingshao Zhu, Jiuling Xin, Shujuan Wang, Weichen Zhang, Ang Li, Yilin Li, Shan Tang, and Yuxi Pei
A263 A Novel Data Collection Scheme based on Active Degree for OMSN
Jianwei Niu, Bin Dai, and Jinkai Guo
A265 A Heuristic Classifier Ensemble for Huge Data
Hamid Parvin, Behrouz Minaei, and Hosein Alizadeh
A267 Predicting Mental Health Status based on Web Usage Behavior
Tingshao Zhu, Ang Li, Yue Ning, and Zengda Guan
A270 Smart Searching System for Virtual Science Brain
Hong-woo Chun, Chang-hoo Jeong, Sa-kwang Song, Yunsoo Choi, Doheon Jeong, Sung-pil Choi, and Won-Kyung Sung
A271 Using Semantic Web Technologies for Technology Intelligence Services
Seungwoo Lee, Mikyoung Lee, Hanmin Jung, Pyung Kim, Dongmin Seo, Tae Hong Kim, Jinhee Lee, and Won-Kyung Sung
A272 A Survey of Energy Conservation, Routing and Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Bin Wang, Wenxin Li, and Li Liu
A274 Procedural Knowledge Extraction on MEDLINE Abstracts
Sa-kwang Song, Heung-seon Oh, Sung Hyon Myaeng, Sung-pil Choi, Hong-woo Chun, Yunsoo Choi, and Chang-hoo Jeong
A275 Towards Coequal Authorization for Dynamic Collaboration
Yuqing Sun and Chen Chen
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