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Paper ID Title
B201 A Elman Forecasting Model to Equipment Health Status
chen yuefeng
B202 An agents/space approach for armored equipment battle damage modeling(II)
chen yuefeng
B205 Cognition According to the Ouroboros Model
Knud Thomsen
B206 Evaluation and Recommendation Methods Based on Graph Model
Yongli Li, Jizhou Sun, Kunsheng Wang, and Aihua Zheng
B207 An Improved EDP Algorithm to Privacy Protection in Data Mining
Ming-Zheng Wang and Na Ge
B208 Web-interaction and Human Mental Workload: a Cognitive Inspired Artificial System
Luca Longo and Stephen Barrett
B209 Exploring Functional Connectivity Networks in fMRI Data Using Clustering Analysis
Dazhong Liu, Ning Zhong, and Yulin Qin
B211 A Hybrid Multiple Attributes Two-sided Matching Decision Making Method with Incomplete Weight Information
Zhen Zhang and Chong-hui Guo
B215 Dynamic Relations between Naming and Acting in Adult Mental Retardation
Sabine Metta and Josiane Caron-Pargue
B216 ABSO: Advanced Bees Swarm Optimization metaheuristic and application to weighted MAX-SAT problem
Souhila Sadeg, Habiba Drias, Ouassim Ait El hara, and Ania Kaci
B217 A New Linguistic Aggregation Operator and its Application
Cuiping Wei, Xia Liang, and Lili Han
B219 Formal Specification of a Neuroscience-Inspired Cognitive Architecture
Luis-Felipe Rodríguez and Félix Ramos
B220 Learning to Decode Instantaneous Cognitive States from Brain Images
Rafael Ramirez
B221 Effects of Reaction Time on Kinetic Visual Field
Xiaoya Yu, Jinglong Wu, Shuhei Miyamoto, and Shengfu Lu
B222 The Role of Lateral Inferior Prefrontal Cortex during Information Retrieval
Haiyan Zhou, Jieyu Liu, Wei Jing, Yulin Qin, Shengfu Lu, Yiyu Yao, and Ning Zhong
B223 Dissociations in Limbic Lobe and Sub-lobar Contributions to Memory Encoding and Retrieval of Social Statistical Information
Mi Li, Shengfu Lu, Jiaojiao Li, and Ning Zhong
B224 An Efficient Method for Odor Retrieval
Tsuyoshi Takayama, Shigeru Kikuchi, Yoshitoshi Murata, Nobuyoshi Sato, and Tetsuo Ikeda
B225 Computational Modeling of Brain Processes for Agent Architectures: Issues and Implications
Luis-Felipe Rodríguez, Félix Ramos, and Gregorio García
B227 Robust and Stable Small-World Topology of Brain Intrinsic Organization During Pre- and Post-Task Resting States
Zhijiang Wang, Jiming Liu, Ning Zhong, Yulin Qin, Haiyan Zhou, and Kuncheng Li
B228 Multiplying the Mileage of Your Dataset with Subwindowing
Adham Atyabi, Sean P. Fitzgibbon, and David M. W. Powers
B230 Knowledge representation meets simulation to investigate memory problems after seizures
Youwei Zheng and Lars Schwabe
B232 An Event-Response Model Inspired by Emotional Behaviors
Nirmal Sivaraman, Sakthi Muthiah, and Subrahmanya SV
B233 Group Polarization and Non-positive Social Influence: A Revised Voter Model Study
Zhenpeng LI and Xijin Tang
B235 On-demand Dynamic Recommendation Mechanism in Support of Enhancing Idea Creativity for Group Argumentation
Xi Xia and Xiaoji Zhou
B237 Utilizing Knowledge Based Mechanisms in Automated Feature Recognition Processes
Hao Lan Zhang and Christian Van der Velden
B242 Generating Decision Makers' Preferences, from their Goals, Constraints, Priorities and Emotions
Majed Al-Shawa
B243 Modeling and Analyzing Agents' Collective Options in Collaborative Decision Making
Majed Al-Shawa
B246 The Order Measure Model of Knowledge Structure
Qiu Jiangnan, Wang Chunling, and Qin Xuan
B269 Fundamental study for Human Brain Activity based on the spatial cognitive task
Shunji Shimizu, Noboru Takahashi, Yukihiro Hirata, Hiroyuki Nara, and Hiroaki Inoue
B247 Analysis of Gray Matter in AD Patients and MCI Subjects Based Voxel-Based Morphometry
Zhijun Yao, Bin Hu, Lina Zhao, and Chuanjiang Liang
B248 Investigation into Stress of Mothers with Mental Retardation Children Based on EEG (Electroencephalography) and Psychology Instruments
Wen Zhao, Li Liu, Fang Zheng, Dangping Fan, Xuebin Chen, Yongxia Yang, and Qingcui Cai
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