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Brain Informatics (BI) has recently emerged as an interdisciplinary research field that focuses on studying the mechanisms underlying the human information processing system (HIPS). It investigates the essential functions of the brain, ranging from perception to thinking, and encompassing such areas as multi-perception, attention, memory, language, computation, heuristic search, reasoning, planning, decision-making, problem-solving, learning, discovery, and creativity. The goal of BI is to develop and demonstrate a systematic approach to achieving an integrated understanding of both macroscopic and microscopic level working principles of the brain, by means of experimental, computational, and cognitive neuroscience studies, as well as utilizing advanced Web Intelligence (WI) centric information technologies. BI represents a potentially revolutionary shift in the way that research is undertaken. It attempts to capture new forms of collaborative and interdisciplinary work. In this vision, new kinds of BI methods and global research communities will emerge, through infrastructure on the wisdom Web and knowledge grids that enables high speed and distributed, large-scale analysis and computations, and radically new ways of sharing data/knowledge.

Brain Informatics 2011 provides a leading international forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields, such as computer science, information technology, artificial intelligence, Web intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, medical science, life science, economics, data mining, data and knowledge engineering, intelligent agent technology, human computer interation, complex systems, and system science, to explore the main research problems in BI lie in the interplay between the studies of human brain and the research of informatics. On the one hand, one models and characterizes the functions of the human brain based on the notions of information processing systems. WI centric information technologies are applied to support brain science studies. For instance, the wisdom Web and knowledge grids enable high-speed, large-scale analysis, simulation, and computation as well as new ways of sharing research data and scientific discoveries. On the other hand, informatics-enabled brain studies, e.g., based on fMRI, EEG, MEG significantly broaden the spectrum of theories and models of brain sciences and offer new insights into the development of human-level intelligence on the wisdom Web and knowledge grids.

Xuesen Qian
Herbert Simon
In memoriam of Xuesen Qian
In memoriam of Herbert A. Simon

Brain Informatics 2011 will be jointly held with the 2011 International Conference on Active Media Technology (AMT 2011). The WIC has decided to organize BI'11 in memoriam of Herbert A. Simon and Xuesen Qian. The two conferences will have a joint opening, keynote, reception, and banquet. Attendees only need to register for one conference and can attend workshops, sessions, exhibits and demonstrations across the two conferences.

Keynote Speakers
Memoriam Invited Talk
Ghorbani   Nishida   Lin Chen   Frank Hsu       Zhongtuo Wang     Yulin Qin


What's New

August 26, 2011: Final Program is online.
July 22, 2011: Call for Participation is posted.
June 7, 2011: Tour Information can be downloaded here.
June 2, 2011: Notification of paper acceptance is delayed to June 7, 2011 due to the submission deadline extension.
March 30, 2011: Submission deadline is extended to April 22 2011.
December 31 2010: The 11th International Workshop on Meta-synthesis and Complex System (MCS'11) will be co-located with BI 2011.
November 10 2010: The WIC has decided to organize BI'11 in memoriam of Herbert A. Simon and Xuesen Qian.
October 20 2010: AMT-BI 2011 website has been launched
2011 International Conferences on Active Media Technology (AMT 2011) and Brain Informatics (BI 2011) website has been launched.

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