The 17th International Conference on Brain Informatics (BI 2024)

—Brain Science meets Artificial Intelligence

December 13-15, 2024, Bangkok, Thailand

Full Paper Submission Site : July 20, 2024

Abstract Submission Site : August 20, 2024

Workshops and Special Sessions Paper Submission Site : July 20, 2024

All accepted papers, including those from workshops and special sessions, will be published by Springer Nature as a volume of the LNAI Brain Informatics Book Series.

The Brain Informatics conference series maintains an official collaboration with the
Brain Informatics journal, an interdisciplinary Open Access journal indexed in ESCI and published by Springer Nature. Authors of the best papers will be invited to expand their work and publish it as special issue articles in the Brain Informatics journal with a complete waiver of the open-access article-processing fee.

Furthermore, workshop and special session organizers may be invited to prepare a book proposal on special topics for potential publication in the Springer-Nature Brain Informatics & Health Book Series, or a special issue in the Brain Informatics Journal.

About the Conference

The International Conference on Brain Informatics (BI) series has established itself as the world's premier research conference on Brain Informatics, which is an emerging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research field that combines the efforts of Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to explore the main problems that lie in the interplay between human brain studies and informatics research.

The 17th International Conference on Brain Informatics (BI'24) provides a premier international forum to bring together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields for presentation of original research results, as well as exchange and dissemination of innovative and practical development experiences on Brain Informatics research, brain-inspired technologies and brain/mental health applications.


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Topics and Areas

The key theme of the conference is "Brain Science meets Artificial Intelligence".

The BI'24 solicits high-quality original research and application papers (full paper and abstract presentation submissions). Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

  • Track 1: Cognitive and Computational Foundations of Brain Science
  • Track 2: Human Information Processing Systems
  • Track 3: Brain Big Data Analytics, Curation and Management
  • Track 4: Informatics Paradigms for Brain and Mental Health Research
  • Track 5: Brain-Machine Intelligence and Brain-Inspired Computing
  • Keynote Speakers

    Professor Hanchuan Peng | See more information

    Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA

    TITLE: Toward Building a Whole Brain Connectome at Single Neuron Resolution

    Abstract: In this talk I will discuss our work of a large-scale study of whole-brain morphometry, analyzing 3.7 peta-voxels of mouse brain images at the single-cell resolution, producing one of the largest multi-morphometry databases of mammalian brains to date. We annotated 3D locations of cell bodies of 182,497 neurons, modeled 15,441 dendritic microenvironments, characterized the full morphology of 1,876 neurons along with their axonal motifs, and detected 2.63 million axonal varicosities that indicate potential synaptic sites. Our analysis covers six levels of information related to neuronal populations, dendritic microenvironments, single-cell full morphology, sub-neuronal dendritic and axonal arborization, axonal varicosities , and sub-neuronal structural motifs, along with a quantification of the diversity and stereotypy of patterns at each level. Overall, our study provides an integrative description of key anatomical structures of neurons and their types, covering a wide range of scales and features, and contributes a large-scale resource to understanding neuronal diversity in the mammalian brain. With this dataset, we start to formulate a possible whole brain scale connectome at the single neuron resolution for mouse brains.

    Professor Ramesh Srinivasan | See more information

    University of California, Irvine, USA

    TITLE: Graphical Modeling of Brain Networks

    More to be confirmed.

    Important Dates

  • 30 June 2024: Workshop/Special Session Proposal Deadline
  • 20 July 2024: Full Paper Submission Deadline
  • 20 August 2024: Abstract Presentation Submission Deadline
  • 10 September 2024: Final Paper and Abstract Acceptance Notification
  • 30 September 2024: Accepted Paper and Abstract Registration Deadline
  • 13-15 December 2024: The Brain Informatics Conference
  • Paper Submission and Publications

  • Full Paper (Regular):
  • 1. 9-12 pages are strongly encouraged for the regular papers including figures and references in Springer LNCS Proceedings format ( Over length papers will be charged for 100$ per page.
    2. All papers will be peer-reviewed and accepted based on originality, significance of contribution, technical merit, and presentation quality.
    3. All papers accepted (and all workshop & special sessions' full-length papers) will be published by Springer as a volume of the Springer-Nature LNAI Brain Informatics Book Series (

  • Abstract Presentation:
  • Research abstracts are encouraged and will be accepted for presentations in an oral presentation format and/or poster presentation format. Each abstract submission should include the title of the paper and an abstract body within 1500 words. Note: The abstract will not be included in the conference proceedings to be published by Springer.

  • Journal Opportunities:
  • High quality BI conference papers may be nominated to submit an extended version for a fast track review and publication at the Brain Informatics Journal ( an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary Open Access journal published by Springer Nature. Discount or no open access article-processing fee will be charged for BI conference paper authors.

  • Special Issues & Books Opportunities:
  • Workshop/special session organizers and BI conference session chairs may consider and can be invited to prepare a book proposal of special topics for possible book publication in the Springer-Nature Brain Informatics & Health Book Series (, or a special issue at the Brain Informatics Journal.

    Poster-Conference Publication


    1. Accepted full papers will be selected to publish in the Brain Informatics Journal upon revision.

    2. Discount or no article-processing fee will be charged for authors of Brain Informatics conference (

    3. The organizers of Workshops and Special-Sessions are invited to prepare a book proposal based on the topics of the workshop/special session for possible book publication in the Springer-Nature Brain Informatics and Health book series (

    Sponsors & Organizers