Accepted papers

AMT 2013 Accepted Papers

AMT 2013 Type I

  • Yuki Onodera and Yasushi Kambayashi, "Vision-based User Interface for Mouse and Multi-mouse"
  • Yeow Kuan Chua and Snehasish Banerjee, "Gamification of Community Policing: SpamCombat"
  • Ali Daud and Faqir Muhammad, "Ranking Cricket Teams through Runs and Wickets"
  • Tetsuya Yoshida, "Learning and Utilizing a pool of Features in Non-negative Matrix Factorization"
  • Liam Cervante and Xiaoying Gao, "Information and Rough Set theory based Feature Selection Techniques"
  • Takeya TOYAMA, Daishi TAKAHASHI, Yousuke TAGUCHI, and Ichiro FUKUMOTO, "Attempt at Treating Tinnitus with brain cognition sound"
  • Yiyi Zhao and Yi Peng, "The Roles of Environmental Noises and Opinion Leaders in Emergency"
  • Bin Jiang, Kebin Jia, and Zhonghua Sun, "Research on the Algorithm of Semi-Supervised Robust Facial Expression Recognition"
  • Tetsuya Yoshida and Hiroki Ogino, "Theoretical Analysis and Evaluation of Topic Graph based Transfer Learning"
  • Masashi Katsumata, "Task Context Modeling for User Assist in Organizational Work"
  • Mizuki Sakamoto, Tatsuo Nakajima, and Sayaka Akioka, "Designing Enhanced Daily Artifacts based on the Analysis of Product Promotions using Fictional Animation Stories"
  • Gang Shen, "Wi-Fi RRS Based Indoor Positioning Using a Probabilistic Reduced Estimator"
  • Yuan Xi and Huang Jia-jin, "Preference Structure and Similarity Measure in Tag-based Recommender Systems"
  • Tania Cerni and Remo Job, "Technology and Cognition: Does the device we use constrain the way we retrieve word meanings?"
  • Juichi Kosakaya, "An automated musical scoring system for Tsugaru Shamisen by Multi-Agent method"
  • Toshiyasu Kato and Takashi Ishikawa, "Detection and Presentation of Failure of Learning from Quiz Responses in Course Management Systems"
  • Hui Wang, Zhisheng Huang, Ning Zhong, and Jiajin Huang, "Semantically Modeling Mobile Phone Data for Urban Computing"
  • Tustanah Phukhachee and Songrit Maneewongvatana, "Identification of K-Tolerance Regulatory Modules in Time Series Gene Expression Data Using a Biclustering Algorithm"
  • Yoshitsugu Kakemoto and Shinichi Nakasuka, "Selective Weight Update for Neural Network - Its Backgrounds"
  • Hidenao Abe, "Developing Trasferable Click Stream Analystic Models by using Sequential Pattern Evaluation Indices"
  • Mostafa Karamibekr and Ali Akbar Ghorbani, "Lexical-Syntactical Patterns for Subjectivity Analysis of Social Issues"
  • Gerald Schaefer, David Edmundson, and Shao Ying Zhu, "Online Visualisation of Google Images Results"
  • Yasser Mohammad and Toyoaki Nishida, "Tackling the Correspondence Problem: Exact Solution for Gesture Imitation by a Humanoid�s Upper Body"
  • Kosuke Kaneko and Yoshihiro Okada, "Action Unit-Based Linked Data for Facial Emotion Recognition"
  • Tetsuya Yoshida and Yuu Yamada, "Toward Robust and Fast Two-Dimensional Linear Discriminant Analysis"
  • Hayato Yokoi, Kohei Matsumura, and Yasuyuki Sumi, "Visualization of Life Patterns through Deformation of Maps Based on Users' Movement Data"
  • Fatemeh Kaveh-Yazdy, Xiangjie Kong, Jie Li, Fengqi Li, and Feng Xia, "Customer Rating Prediction Using Hypergraph Kernel Based Classification"
  • Kiryu Ibara, Kenta Kanetsuna, and Masahito Hirakawa, "Identifying Individual Pairs of Footsteps during Walking on a Floor Sensor Device"

AMT 2013 Type II

  • Takeshi Matsuda, "Learning Support System Based on Stochastic Model and Real Data of Users"
  • Kiyoshi Tokunaga and Takahiro Hayashi, "A Support System for Selecting BGM of a Video Based on Impression Estimation"
  • Yuhei Yamaguchi and Takahiro Hayashi, "Video Scene Search Based on Emotion Tags"
  • Atsushi Kajihara, Masaki Shiga, Tetsumi Harakawa, and Shigeru Osawa, "Quantification of the Sound Quality of a Ukulele based on the Semantic Differential Method"
  • Nittaya Kerdprasop and Kittisak Kerdprasop, "Query Formulation and Evaluation for Top-k Frequent Pattern Mining"
  • Akihiko Sato and Takahiro Hayashi, "Fast Vector Image Retrieval System with Indirect Similarity Evaluation Approach"
  • Noriaki Fujishima and Kiyoshi Hoshino, "Fingernail Detection System Allowing Existence of Palm Area"
  • Niran Chawla and Montri Wiboonrat, "An Emerging of Active Media Technology in Hotel e-Service Management"
  • Daji Ergu and Gang Kou, "Estimating Missing Judgments in the Pairwise Comparison Matrices"

Workshop on Intelligence for Strategic Foresight (ISF2013)

Type I
  • Myunggwon Hwang, Jangwon Gim, Do-Heon Jeong, Jinhyung Kim, Sa-kwang Song, Sajjad Mazhar, Hanmin Jung, and Jung-Hoon Park, "Selection of Core Technologies from Scientific Document"
  • Jung-Ho Um, Sung-Ho Shin, Sung-Pil Choi, Seungwoo Lee, and Hanmin Jung, "Integration System for Linguistic Software and Data set: uLAMP(unified Linguistic Asset Management Platform)"
  • Sung-min Kim, Seonug-hun Park, and Young-guk Ha, "Scalable Visualization of DBpedia Ontology Using Hadoop"
  • Jinwoo Park, Kyounguk Lee, and Kyungsun Kim, "Content and Expert Recommendation System Using Improved Collaborative Filtering Method for Social Learning "

Special Session on Technologies and Theories of Narrative

Type I
  • Yusuke Manabe, Takanori Ohsugi, and Kenji Sugawara, "Automatic Animation Composition System for Event Representation"
  • Hitoshi Morita, "Narrative on the Road"
  • Shohei Imabuchi and Takashi Ogata, "Methods for Generalizing the Propp-based Story Generation Mechanism"
Type II
  • Akihito KANAI, "Nostalgia Based Narrative Rhetoric Generation for Film"
  • Yoji Kawamura, "Narrative Generation by Advertising Communication Strategy"
  • Jumpei Ono and Takashi Ogata, "A Framework of Narrative Knowledge Acquisition Based on Inter-textuality"

Special Session on Evolutionary Computation and its Application

Type I
  • Takao YOKOTA, Kiyoshi Tsukagoshi, Shozo WADA, Takeaki TAGUCHI, and C. TARN, "GA-based Method for Optimal Weight Design Problem of 23 Stories Frame Structure"
  • Toshiki Shizuka and Kenichi Ida, "A Proposal of a Genetic Algorithm for Bicriteria Fixed Charge Transportation Problem"
  • Kiyoshi Tsukagoshi, Kenichi Ida, and Takao YOKOTA, "The GMM Problem as one of the estimation Methods of a Probability Density Function"
  • Yusuke Kikuchi, Kenichi Ida, and Mitsuo Gen, "GA for JSP with Delivery Time"
  • Mitsuo Gen and Kenichi Ida, "Advances in Multiobjective Hybrid Genetic Algorithms for Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics Systems"

Special Session on Intelligent Media Search Techniques

Type I
  • Weidong Liu and Xiangfeng Luo, "A Semantic Coherence Based Intelligent Search System"
  • Yuwei Yang, Beihong Jin, and Sen Li, "Pyxis+: A Scalable and Adaptive Data Replication Framework"
  • Liyen Wong, Maybin Muyeba, John Keane, Zhiguo Gong, and Valerie Edward-Jones, "Classifying Mass Spectral Data using SVM and Wavelet-based Feature Extraction"
  • Yu Xia, Shouhong Wan, Peiquan Jin, and Lihua Yue, "Multi-Scale Local Spatial Binary Patterns for Content-Based Image Retrieval"