Conference Site:

Maebashi Terrsa, 2-5-1 Chiyodamachi, Maebashi-city, Gunma, Japan

About Maebashi:

The AMT-BHI 2013 will take place in Maebashi City. Maebashi, the capital of Gunma Prefecture, is called the `City of water, greenery, and poetry'. Maebashi is an `International Convention City' designated by the Ministry of Transportation.

Maebashi and the neighboring areas in Gunma is a land of greenery blessed with the wonders of natural beauty and more than a hundred hot springs offering relaxation and peace of mind. AMT-BHI 2013 will organize a tour during the conference to a resort hotel with hot spring in Ikaho that is one of the most famous hot springs areas in Japan.

Maebashi is positioned nearly in the center of the Japan Archipelago. Only a hundred kilometers from Japan's capital city of Tokyo and reachable in an hour by bullet train or high-speed expressway, a variety of favorable land conditions lead to flourishing economic activity. Maebashi City and the neighboring areas in Gunma are expected to further develop into an IT conurbation with highly advanced information technology.

Access To Maebashi:

  • New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport) to Maebashi
    3 Ways to get from New Tokyo International Airport to maebashi:
    JR Trains: JR Narita Express to Tokyo -> JR to Takasaki -> Maebashi
    KEISEI Trains: KEISEI Skyliner to Ueno Station -> JR to Maebashi
    Airport Bus: Azalea Express bus -> Maebashi (3 and half hours)   Timetable

    For more details, please access the following page:

  • Haneda Airport to Maebashi
    Trains: Keikyu Line to Shinagawa -> JR Yamanote Line to Tokyo -> JRto Takasaki -> Maebashi
    Airport Bus: Limousine bus -> Maebashi (3 and half hours)   Timetable

Maebashi Map

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Maebashi TERRSA

Maebashi TERRSA will be the venue for AMT-BHI 2013

Maebashi TERRSA